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CometMarks Ultima versione 2.4

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CometMarks - Download CometMarks, versione 2.4

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CometMarks is a browser add-ons that provides real-time automatic bookmark synchronization between all your different browsers, computers. So you can easily organize and edit your bookmarks everywhere. As a portable bookmarks organizer, CometMarks has the following features:

Backup Restore

CometMarks automatically backs-up your links on secure servers to keep them safe. You will never lose bookmarks again, even if your computer crashes or reinstall your browsers or operating system.

Seamless Sync

Install CometMarks on all your computers and it will automatically synchronize all changes you made for you bookmark collection, ensuring your bookmarks keep the same on all your computers anytime.

Web Access

At business or at home, from all over the world and anytime, access to your own Bookmarks! Visiting our site to, add/delete or organize your bookmarks anytime and anywhere. By visiting My CometMarks at, every change will be automatically synchronized to your own computers.

Web Browsers

CometMarks supports synchronizations across multi popular browsers including CometBird, FireFox and IE and works well with these browsers. CometMarks automatically synchronizes all of your local browsers and imports your bookmarks to the server so that saves your manually importing/exporting.



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